Clear View Fencing by SecuriVu

Our clear view fencing comes in different shapes and sizes. The security fencing that’s right for you depends on:

  • What does the fence need to do for you?
  • Where will you be needing it?

Typical security fencing applications can be divided into three main categories:

Scroll down for more information on each of these applications or skip to the bottom for technical specifications.

Perimeter Security

Security Fencing is the first line of defence in securing your premises. The fence is a critical component in a complete security solution to protect your vehicles, stock, facilities and people. SecuriVu Clear View Fencing is designed to be anti-cut and anti-climb.

In addition to this consider that:

  • Your security cameras can see through the fence – no blind spots for CCTV
  • Electric fencing and wall spikes can be added to the fence
  • SecuriVu clear view fencing can be installed quickly – on large sites 80-100 m/day

Depending on the level of security required, there are three different aperture sizes available. View our tech spec’s section below for more information. If you are unsure on which solution will work best for your needs and location, contact us for advice.

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Home Security Fence

Garden Fencing - Internal

Our garden fencing is used to divide any space, creating different zones in a visually pleasing way.

With garden fencing, security is not the focus. We thus produce a fence with larger “spaces” at a lower price (50mm aperture fence).

Our garden fencing is also used as:

  • Dog Fencing
  • Pet fencing

Use our garden fencing/pet fencing to create a safe and secure area for the children or your furry friends to play.

Security Fence - Perimeter

Clear fencing allows you to have a view while keeping you safe. This “invisible” solution won’t leave you feeling boxed in like a wall would.

We offer two security fence options:

  • High Security
  • Medium Security

They can be used stand alone or paired with electric fencing and spikes.

This anti-climb and anti-cut solution will ensure that you can always look after the people that matter to you.

Pool Fencing

Pool fences don’t have to be ugly, which is why so many people choose see through fencing for their pool.

Keep adults and children who can’t swim safe, by having a SecuriVu pool fence installed.

An appropriate fence around your pool is a critical aspect of pool safety. Our 12mm fence is the solution because of its anti-climb properties.

Enjoy your garden, knowing that you have taken measures to improve pool safety.

View our tech spec’s section below for more information.

If you are unsure on which solution will work best for your needs and location, contact us for advice.

People Management

Managing the flow and safety of people is critical for venues, malls and public spaces.

Ensure that they stay in the areas that you want them in – keep people on walkways and off roads with the use of our pedestrian fencing, the perfect way to wrangle in the wanderer.  Our larger 50 mm aperture fence was designed to be a cost-effective people management solution.

With SecuriVu fences you can manage people in a visually appealing way.

Get a quote now or view our tech spec’s section below for more information.

Technical Specifications

Panel Dimensions

Our fences are available in the following heights (height x width):

  • 1.2m x 2.515m
  • 1.8m x 2.515m
  • 2.0m x 2.515m
  • 2.2m x 2.515m
  • 2.4m x 2.515m
  • 3.0m x 2.515m

From centre to centre each section of fence is 2.6 meters wide when fitted.

Aperture Dimensions
  • 76mm x12mm (3510 / high security)
  • 76mm x 25mm (Econo 25 / medium security)
  • 76mm x 50mm (Econo 50 / pedestrian control)

76mm×12mm is the original premium invisible security fence.

The other sizes are suitable for medium security and the management of people/pets.


If you are comparing quotes be sure to only compare fences with the same aperture size.

Material Finishes

Our fences are available in two different finishes:

  • Galvanised
  • Plastic Coated (Polyester)

Available colours:

  • Silver (Galvanised)
  • Green
  • Black